Piling up dishes in your student house? Rent a dishwasher!

As a student, are you familiar with the problem of piling up dirty dishes in your kitchen? Done doing the dishes, rent a dishwasher at Wasmachinehuren.nl!

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Lots of dirty dishes in your student kitchen?

Students have other things on their minds than doing the dishes. Taking lessons, preparing for exams, writing thesis... and of course also enjoying student life! Many students prepare their own food, but the dirty dishes often remain in the kitchen of your student house for a few days. Doing the dishes is a tedious and time-consuming job. A dishwasher in your student kitchen would be useful. Why not rent a dishwasher? Did you know that Wasmachinehuren.nl is the best and cheapest company in the Netherlands where you can rent a dishwasher and other white goods as a student?

All white goods for rent for students

You can rent dishwashers at Wasmachinehuren.nl from as little as 10.25 euros per month. We have two dishwasher models for you to choose from. This way you get a new high-quality dishwasher from, for example, the brand Asko, Candy, Bauknecht or SB. And that for only a tenner a month! If you have a communal kitchen in your student house, you can also share the costs with your fellow students. We guarantee fast delivery and place the device where you want it. If you have finished your studies or leave the student building, you can transfer the dishwasher to another student. We adjust the rental agreement for you free of charge. At Wasmachinehuren.nl you can rent dishwashers, but also other white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and so on.

Excellent service and many benefits at Wasmachinehuren.nl

Don't worry if your rented dishwasher suddenly breaks down. We repair your dishwasher free of charge, usually within three working days throughout the Netherlands. Are you going to live in another student room? Then you can move your rented dishwasher yourself, or you can ask us to move the appliance for a small fee. Rent a dishwasher if you are tired of dirty dishes? Do not hesitate any longer and contact Wasmachinehuren.nl! Of course you can also buy a second-hand dishwasher with warranty from us.