Dry laundry with a washer dryer from Wasmachinehuren.nl

Little space in your student room to dry laundry? No weather to hang the laundry outside? Rent a dryer cheaply at Wasmachinehuren.nl!

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Do you do your own laundry as a student?

Students who live in rooms and do their own laundry are often confronted with the same problem: where can I dry the laundry? There is usually not enough space in your student room to put a drying rack, and you cannot let the laundry dry outside in bad weather. A tumble dryer is the ideal solution, but it costs a lot of money to buy a new appliance from a top brand such as AEG, Miele or Bauknecht. Renting a tumble dryer from such a top brand: have you ever considered that option?

Cheap and convenient: rent a dryer at Wasmachinehuren.nl

Wasmachinehuren.nl is the best and cheapest company where students rent tumble dryers. Not only can you rent a dryer from us, but you can also contact us for washing machines, refrigerators and other white goods. If you rent a dryer from us, we can deliver it very quickly and place it in your student room or somewhere in the student house. We rent out ,tumble dryers with a drain, condenser dryers and heat pump dryers. If you are in doubt, we can come and see in advance which type of dryer can be placed in your room.

Many benefits and excellent service

You can rent dryers from us from 9.75 euros per month. An unexpected defect on your device? No problem. We usually repair our dryers throughout the Netherlands within three days, and this completely free of charge. If you move to another building, we can move your dryer for a small fee. If you no longer need the dryer, we will adjust the rental agreement free of charge if another student wants to take over your dryer. Renting a dryer as a student? There is only one address: Wasmachinehuren.nl!