Rent white goods? Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from students who want to rent white goods from us. Any other questions? Contact us!

  • Administrative questions:

  • No. You only have to pay the remaining rent of the current month.
  • Transferring the rent to a fellow student is free. Your housemate must complete a takeover rental agreement and the amended rental agreement will enter into the next rental period.
  • We can visit you without obligation to check whether the installation of a particular device is possible.
  • You can move your device yourself if you let us know in advance. We can also move your device for a small fee.
  • We repair the rented device within three working days. In most cases, the repair is done the same day.
  • You can cancel the rent by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. The notice period is one month. The rental ends on the day we collect the device.
  • We only rent white goods to students.
  • If an appliance does not work properly, first check whether it is plugged in and whether the water or gas supply is open. Also clean any clogged filters. Can't find an answer to your question in these frequently asked questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Problems with the washing machine:

  • This often indicates a blockage of the filter. Check / clean the filter. The filter is at the front and at the bottom of the washing machine, often behind a cover or behind a plastic edge. First check that there is still water in the drum, if so let the machine first pumping. When the machine will not pumping please call. Also note that when you remove the filter, there always comes a little water. Keep so here a bowl with a cloth or towel to !!! If there are objects such as coins or buttons are found in the filter, remove it, and then placing the filter well. It may also be that the rinse hold or "not centrifugerenknop is enabled (some models only)
  • Make sure the plug is in. If the plug is in there then check that the water be open. Also check the fuse box or fuse has not blown. Plug another device into the outlet to check.
  • Make sure the filter is correctly inserted and tightened properly. Also make sure the drainage hose is not out of the drain. Also, check the faucet and / or the hose leaks.
  • Make sure the machine still firm and level. It may also be that the machine is loaded incorrectly. Shake the laundry loose and Remove any excess laundry.
  • Possibly the filter is clogged. This allows the machine pumps the water after washing it away and continues to stand in the dirty laundry soap water. To clean the filter, see question 1. It may also be that the internal pipework of the machine are dirty with old soap residue. For this you can run a hot wash (90 degrees). As a result, hot water will flow through the pipes and so remove the old soap residue. Clean after the end of the hot wash the filter. It may also be possible that the washing machine during the wash is not rotating powerful enough in the drum. In this case, please call us.
  • Problems with the dryer:

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in, and that no fuse is blown into the meter. Plug another device into the outlet to check. Make sure that the water container is not full (condenser dryer only). Make sure the door is firmly closed. Make sure the condenser is well placed.
  • Make sure the condenser is not blocked. Remove the condenser and clean by rinsing under the tap. Then drain it and reinsert properly. Make sure the lint filter is not clogged. These must be cleaned after each drying cycle. Make sure that the water container is not full. (condenser dryer only) Make sure the laundry is not stopped "te'nat in the dryer. If the laundry is still very wet, check the washer. See "Problems with the machine."
  • Problems with the dishwasher:

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in, and that no fuse is blown into the meter. Plug another device into the outlet to check. Make sure the door is firmly closed. Make sure the tap is open.
  • Make sure the filter is not clogged. The filter can be found on the bottom of the dishwasher. Make sure that the filter after cleaning is put back properly.
  • Make sure the filter is not clogged. See also: 'The dishwasher drain the water off. " It can also happen that the holes in the spray arms obstructed. This is because the filter after cleaning is not properly replaced so that there are contaminants in the water circulation system. To do this the coil arms (both above and below) often can you just unclip it, or loosening a knob. Rinse them under the tap from the inside clean. After that place the spool arms in the correct order back again. Also check the loading of the dishwasher or the washing of rinsed before it went into the machine. Make sure there is salt in the salt container. We recommend filling them 1 x per month (with). Also make sure that nothing protrudes from under the tray and / or cutlery which the spoelarm is blocked.

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