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Students in rooms? Rent a refrigerator cheaply at!

Are you a student living in rooms? Do you want to prepare and store your own food? Rent a refrigerator extremely cheaply at!

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Make your own food as a student

A student living in lodgings, often cooks his own meals. That is a lot cheaper and healthier than eating out a lot. To prepare and store your food yourself, you have to have the necessary appliances. A refrigerator to store food products is absolutely indispensable. But to purchase your own refrigerator, your budget may be just a bit too tight? Don't worry, renting a fridge is also possible!

Affordable refrigerator rental at specializes in renting out white goods to students, such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and the like. You can rent different types of refrigerators from us: both table models and fridge-freezer combinations. You can rent a small refrigerator from as little as 8.25 euros per month. You can also rent a refrigerator with other students in the student house and share the costs. After ordering, we quickly and neatly deliver our devices to your room.

Unparalleled service at

Of course, we try to prevent one of our delivered refrigerators from breaking down by only supplying refrigerators from well-known and reliable brands such as Bauknecht, SB or Beko. Is your refrigerator unexpectedly defective? No worries. replaces a free repair of rented refrigerators within three working days throughout the Netherlands. If you move to another student room, you can move your refrigerator yourself, or we can carry out the move for you. We for this we only ask for a small fee. If you no longer need the refrigerator and a roommate would like to take it over, we can arrange that for free. We are guaranteed to be the best and cheapest company in the Netherlands where students can rent white goods. Don't wait any longer, contact and rent an extremely affordable refrigerator!