Do your own laundry with a rented washing machine!

Stand on your own two feet as a student and do your own laundry! Renting washing machines at is fast, easy and extremely cheap.

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Are you often stuck with your dirty laundry in your student room?

Many students know the problem. The dirt quickly piled up. Taking that big mountain of dirty laundry home or taking it to a launderette is a hassle. Having your own washing machine in your student house would be easy. But buying a washing machine is expensive, much too expensive for a student budget. Why not rent a machine? You can rent washing machines quickly, cheaply and easily at the best company for washing machine rental is exclusively aimed at students. We know that studying in the Netherlands requires several white goods. Rent a washing machine,a dryer, refrigerator or a dishwasher? You can take care of it with us! Our company is guaranteed to be the best and cheaper rental company of white goods for students. We have various models in stock from well-known brands such as Asko, Candy, Beko or SB. If a washing machine offers a solution for you, you can choose from appliances with different capacities, speeds and user options. The models are all from renowned brands such as After receiving the online order form, we will quickly make an appointment with you for delivery and installation. excellent service

Our washing machine rental includes excellent service. Don't worry if your washing machine suddenly stops working. Our technicians usually repair your device within three working days, and this completely free of charge! What if you stop studying? The notice period of the rental contract is only one month, but a fellow student can also take over the washing machine from you. We adjust the rental agreement for this free of charge. For a small fee, we can also move your device to another student room if your elders are going to study. Can't get rid of your mountain of dirty laundry? The best solution: rent a washing machine at!